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Re: Some fonts shows question marks instead of double quotes

Torsdag 22. august 2002 10:09 skreiv Matthias Schmitz:
> Hi *,
> i was wondering why some fonts (f.e. Times) show question marks instead of
> the wanted double quotes. I found (after hours of speculation ;> ) a
> solution: deactivate under Tools -> AutoCorrect/AutoFormat -> Custom Quotes
> the checkbox 'Double quotes Replace'.

The real reason why this happens is because OpenOffice.org is trying to view 
a character that does not exist in that particular font, so a question mark 
is shown instead.

Using a question mark for this purpose is totally, utterly *stupid*, but it 
seems to be quite common (at least KDE and Opera does it). A better solution 
would be to use a hollow square, like other applications and OSs do. (The 
square doesn't mean anything, while a misplaced question mark can change the 
meaning of the text.) Anybody know where to file that bug report?

 Gaute Hvoslef Kvalnes

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