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[announce] Translated help packages

I have uploaded translated help packages, and these will appear on the
mirrors soon:


They were made from the help available at:


Do any of the people who posted to this list and are working on translation
projects have more languages available?  If so, you can grab the debian
directory from the oo-help module in our CVS - there are comments in
debian/rules that explain how to build a package for a new help language.

The help packages are currently systemwide and conflict with each other,
because I have not worked out yet how to change the place where OOo looks
for the index.  It seems that the name of the file (main_transform.xlt) is
hardcoded, so the code will need a patch to make this configurable.  Any

Until then, help will be available in one language only, but I guess that
will keep 90% of the potential users happy.


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