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Re: "Critical": Typo in upstream OOo ;-)

Jerome Warnier wrote:

In the last changelog, Chris announced that there were problems with Matrox cards when using "XWindows" Look&Feel. I would like to point out the fact that the correct name is "X Window System" or "X11" (or "X11R6") for short for the current version, and sometimes "X Window".

I think we should submit a bug report upstream for this issue.

More infos can be found on XFree86 project's server (http://www.xfree86.org) or on X Consortium's one (http://www.x.org).

This isn't just a look&feel problem. I get a similar, reproducible crash with matrox cards when opening specific documents.

So maybe the changelog should make note of the fact that it's more than look&feel, and if someone's filing a bug report upstream, it might be best to file it somewhere more general than in the look&feel section.

But why file a bug with openoffice? The bug is in the matrox drivers for XFree86.

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