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second 1.0.1rc3 build broken

   Has anyone actually tried openoffice.org on debian ppc since
the last rebuild of July 16th? I have the original rc3 build from
July 14th installed and it works fine. However when I do a apt-get
I now drag down...

File: openoffice.org_1.0.0-pre1.0.1rc3_all.deb  11123 KB  07/16/02  10:42:00

...which doesn't match the openoffice.org-bin_1.0.0-pre1.0.1rc3_powerpc.deb
in timestamp. This combo crashes after the openoffice splash screen appears.
Why are we mixing parts of the build here? Shouldn't we have a 
openoffice.org-bin_1.0.0-pre1.0.1rc3_powerpc.deb from 07/16/02 there as 

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