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OpenOffice.org on PowerPC [kevin.hendricks@sympatico.ca: [releases] Linux PowerPC is back working and ready to release]

Hi ... 

after a week of hard work, we have OpenOffice.org working on all
available Linux-PowerPC-Distributions.

So .. I hope, I get OpenOffice.org build on debian-powerpc as well. 
I'm working on this.


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From: "Kevin B. Hendricks" <kevin.hendricks@sympatico.ca>
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Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 20:22:45 -0400
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Subject: [releases] Linux PowerPC is back working and ready to release


After some mad scrambling the Linux PowerPC port is back and ready to 
release!  :-)

Please thank Jack Howarth, Jan Hendrik-Palik (Debian) for their hard work 
testing and reporting bugs and providing traces, and special thanks to Dan 
Burcaw of YellowDogLinux for testing and Olaf Hering for testing as well 
as graciously providing a remote test machine so that I could debug the 

And special thanks go to Daniel Boelzle of Sun/Hamburg and the udk project 
for answering all of my questions and pointing me back at the gcc 3 bridge 
code when I wandered off into thinking it was a gcc optimization problem.

I really appreciate everyone's help.  I would never have found the problems 
without it.

I hope to have a build for Jan to do QA with by tomorrow afternoon and 
should be ready to release only a little later than everyone else.


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