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cvs commit to oo-deb/debian/local by haggai

Repository: oo-deb/debian/local
who:        haggai
time:       Tue Jul  9 19:37:15 UTC 2002
Log Message:
  openoffice.org (1.0.0-pre1.0.1rc2) experimental; urgency=low
    * Recompiled against fixed libstlport package
    * Change user directory to ~/OpenOffice.org1.0.1.  Note there is
      *no support* from upstream to upgrade the user directory, and I have seen
       too much corruption from 1.0.0 to be prepared to attempt to support it in
       just these packages, so you must change your user settings by hand for
       now.  The openoffice wrapper will warn if it sees ~/.openoffice still.
    * Update some sections of README

changed:    ooffice rsfile.local.txt

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