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cvs commit to oo-deb/debian/patches by gromitt

Repository: oo-deb/debian/patches
who:        gromitt
time:       Thu Jun 27 17:25:23 UTC 2002
Log Message:
   Enter Log.  Lines beginning with `CVS:' are removed automatically
   Committing in .
   Modified Files:
   	MANIFEST.powerpc README.Debian TODO changelog control
   	control.in openoffice.org.links rules local/ooffice
   Added Files:
   Removed Files:
   	The step to use gcc-3.1 is done. We can use one compiler for
  	the two supported arches, i386 and powerpc. Thank you to Kevin
  	B. Hendriks, who ported the assembly code.
  	We switched over to the upcomming relaese OpenOffice.org,
  	but we left the orig.tar.gz as OpenOffice.org 1.0.0 and
  	placed a big diff of OpenOffice.org 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 at:
          Here the changelog:
          * Switched to new upstream version from CVS, OpenOffice.org-1.0.1
          * Switched to gcc-3.1/g++3.1 to build OpenOffice.org
          * Jan- Hendrik Palic:
            - much work on the patches:
              + all changes to oo_1.0_src/config_office/configure.in went to
                o set compilervars
                o detecting the right include for gcc-3.1/g++-3.1
                o java will be detected right on powerpc, so we can build
                  automaticly, without setting the location of javac twice
              + link against -lstlport_gcc_3.1 (soname changed in libstlport)
                this went into 011_link_agains_stlport_gcc_3.1.diff
              + 005_gcc3_misc_changes.diff did the last changes to compile
                OpenOffice.org by gcc-3.1/g++-3.1
              + 010_use_libstdc++_from_debian.diff is changed to use this patch with
              + the others were dropped, because, they went into upstream, or
  	      left, because, their are usefull yet :)
            - debian/rules:
              + copies the mozlibs into source from some place (sorry,no package yet)
                but I will link OpenOffice.org again mozilla 1.0 from debian
                (I have to recompile Mozilla with gcc-3.1/g++3.1)
            - debian/control
              + fixes the builddependencies for using gcc-3.1/g++-3.1 for all arches.
              + added buildconflict to libgcj3-dev
            - killed extra-dependencies on debian/script/vars.powerpc
            - sets USE_GCC3 to y in debian/script/vars.powerpc
            - changed debian/rules to use gcc-3.1
         * Chris Halls
           - Fix errors like openoffice: [: it-CH: binary operator expected

changed:    001_gcc_version_check.diff 012_set_compiler_vars.diff 013_use_compiler_vars.diff 014_fix_ashism_in_configure_in.diff

removed:    010_use_libstdc++-3.0.4.diff

added:      005_gcc3_misc_changes.diff 010_use_libstdc++_from_debian.diff 011_link_agains_stlport_gcc_3.1.diff

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