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can't lauch OOO-fr with distributed script

Really thanks to all of you in compile & split OOo !

well, just a trouble. When OOo starts after e new user install:
/usr/bin/openoffice: line 52: 1915 Abandon ~/.openoffice/soffice "$@"

I've to use /usr/bin/openoffice from old thread :
to lauch "fr" or "es" openoffice. (well, adding "$@" as openoffice argument).

files in .openoffice seems no really support LANG variable changes,
but script laucher from thread check and modify them.

am'i alone with fr/es ???

Travé Roman <r.trave@culture-bx1.u-bordeaux.fr>
Service Culturel Bx1 - culture@culture-bx1.u-bordeaux.fr

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