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Installing of first debs. Ugly fonts

Thank you for all your efforts to bring  OpenOffice to 
(But do not try to bring it into Woody, there are sure too 
many bugs left around.)

As I have also several 2-bytes fonts installed (my wife is 
from korea), running setup has a awful look als all 
caracters are twice as large as necessary.

I did run openoffice/program/setup. As I had installed once 
oo641d with the openoffice.org tar for linux, I had several 
files lying around in .kde2. For each one I had to a choice 
to "retry", "ignore" or "cancel".  After clicking many 
times "ignore" setup finally finished.

After starting swriter or other programs I also have the 
same ugly looking fonts (and couldn't change them in a 
config or setup menu).


(Please CC to me as I am not on the list)
Niklaus Giger
Wieshoschet 6
CH-8753 Mollis
ngiger@mus.ch Tel. G: +41 55 618 64 68, P: +41 55 612 20 54

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