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crashes, crashes crashes...

I just managed to build OO.o build 642 under RH 7.2
I built gcc v3.0.4 to do this and had no problems running the
application under RH

When I try to install it under testing, I get a sigabrt

here's the backtrace from gdb
 0 kill()
 1 pthread_kill()
 2 raise()
 3 abort()
 4 SalXLib:XError(_XDisplay*, XErrorEvent*) () (libvcl642li.so)
 5 sal_XErrorHdl ()
 6 _XError () (libX11.so.6)
 7 _XEventsQueued()
 8 XEventsQueued()
 9 DisplayQueue (int, SalDisplay*) (libvcl642li.so)
10 SalXLib::Yield (unsigned char)
11 SalInstance::Yield(unsigned char)
12 Application::Reschedule ()
13 SiParser::ParseScript () (libset642li.so)
14 SiCompiler::CompileTo(SiCompiledScript*, int)
15 SetupApp::ReadScript

This is not exactly gdb output but Idon't know how to log it from gdb.
Is there a way to do something like bt > /some/dir/somefile.out with

Claudio Bandaloukas

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