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test Debian packages of openoffice


I've managed to build debian  packages of openoffice. Build and install
process is completely uninteractive and doesn't real xserver running.
That's because of Xvfb and autoresponse solutions. (I'm not  using
XTest of course).

I've saw ITP onopenoffice by  Noel Koethe, Clay Crouch  and Adrian Bunk.
Are you still trying to build openoffice in a package? is it ok, if I'll
ITP it too and upload?

Okey, the diff.gz is here[1], it  requires libstlport4.0[-dev]. Debian
has only 4.1 packages. You can find stlport4.0 diffs here[2]. You'll need
j2sdk1.3 from blackdown.org.  I couldn't upload binary because of small 

Package uses doogie build system so  it will  be easy to work in team, if 
you would like that.

Here is my TODO, I'd like to hear what you are working  on, to distribute
our work.

- Get rid  of java
- Divide  everything in arch-dependant and arch independant parts
- After previous step is done, start porting to other platforms. (It's
great that openoffice was  ported to powerpc, yay!)
- Extract language packs and make  multi languagable  openoffice.
It can be done with symlinks:
/usr/lib/openoffice/default/[STANDARD OPENOFFICE INSTALL]
                    ru/links to all standard files excluding russian specific resource files and russian registry.
                    en_US -> default
                    ru_RU.KOI8-R -> ru
                    de/links to all standard files excluding german specific resource files and german registry.
                    de_DE -> de
I have already wrapper script that makes uninteractive user install from 
/usr/lib/openoffice in  case it isn't done already. So I  will include also
such test:
if [ -d /usr/lib/openoffice/$LANG ]; do

Suggestions are welcome.
Thank you.

[1] http://people.debian.org/~nidd/openoffice_0.638c-1.diff.gz
[2] http://people.altlinux.ru/nidd/stlport4.0_4.0-0.1.diff.gz

Peter Novodvorsky     http://www.altlinux.ru/    AltLinux Team, Russia
Debian.Org                                       http://debian.org/~nidd
            Debian  ---  no need to  wait for tomorrow.

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