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Re: [Pkg-octave-devel] Patch cell-as-retval-in-findsymbols.patch in octave-symbolic

* Thomas Weber <tweber@debian.org> [2013-06-16 17:50]:

doing some clean-up work. The patch cell-as-retval-in-findsymbols.patch in octave-symbolic seems to have not been forwarded to upstream. But there is SVN rev 10688, which looks like the following:

 $ svn diff -c 10688
 Index: inst/findsym.m
 --- inst/findsym.m	(Revision 10687)
 +++ inst/findsym.m	(Revision 10688)
 @@ -37,7 +37,7 @@

 function VARS = findsym(F,Nout)

 -  symlist = findsymbols(F);
 +  symlist = { findsymbols(F) };
   Nlist = length(symlist);
   if Nlist==0
     warning("No symbols were found.")

Rafael, you wrote the Debian patch. Is the above equivalent to it? If yes, I would take note of it in our patch.

Thanks for drawing my attention to this.  Please, see:



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