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Re: [Pkg-octave-devel] Hi, Dear Debian octave team

Hi Xiangyu, 

> I'm a Octave user. I've aptitude installed the octave-3.2.4 (Source
> Package: octave3.2 3.2.4-12) [Wheezy/testing] on my 64-bit PC (AMD X955 4
> cores) and most of octave functions is OK.
> But when I call the imread and imshow function to load a JPEG picture, I
> encountered a segmentation fault problem like following :

please report a bug against octave3.2 using reportbug (if it's not
already installed on your system, use whatever package manager you
prefer to install it). The advantage of reportbug is that it will
include quite some information about the installed dependencies, so you
don't have to write this all by hand. Please include your jpeg image as
well, if possible (the bug tracker is public, so if you cannot share the
image, do NOT attach it to the mail). 

I apologize in advance, because it will probably take some time to take
care of this issue.


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