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Re: [Pkg-octave-devel] Dynare: git, matlab, testsuite

* Sébastien Villemot <sebastien.villemot@ens.fr> [2009-05-25 12:25]:

> 1) Should the dynare/debian repository be migrated to git? I'm not  
> familiar with git, so I don't feel a strong urge to migrate. But if you 
> definitely consider it as a goal, I will take the necessary steps.

My preference is to migrate to Git, but this is a personal wish.  If it is   
too complicated for you, we can along with SVN.  I will create an             
experimental Git repository, converted from SVN.  Later, we can decide which
one to use.

> The goal is therefore to provide compiled MEX files for Matlab. We  
> obviously can't ship the binaries with Debian.
> So my idea is to create a dynare-matlab package (depending on the main
> dynare package), which 
> would:
> * install the MEX sources in /usr/src/dynare
> * ask the user the location of Matlab on his drive, via debconf
> * compile and install the MEX files in the postinst script

Do the user need the whole Matlab installation for this step?

> * delete the MEX files in the postrm script

Perhaps prerm would be more appropriate. 

> I suppose that this dynare-matlab package would have to go into contrib.


> Do you have any suggestion/objection to this?

None from me.

> 3) Concerning the testsuite, and to answer Thomas' question, some of the 
> very long tests are useless in the sense that we could test the same 
> functionnality with shorter tests. We have to work a little bit on that 
> upstream. But incorporating a testsuite in the Dynare Debian package 
> definitely remains my objective, which could be reached quite soon.
> All the best,

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