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[Pkg-octave-devel] Octave-Forge pkgs uploaded

The remaining packages of the latest release of Octave-Forge have been
uploaded today.  It was a total of 63 packages uploaded, except the
following ones:

* bugfix-3.0.5
  We will not package it.  Its contents will be integrated directly into
* civil-engineering
  We will not package this one.  It seems useless.
* database
  This is postponed.  Compilation fails for now.
* engine
  We decided to abandon this package.  It is not maintained upstream.

* fenv
  This package seem to be specific to i386.  I am not sure we should package
  it for Debian.

* fixed
* general
* image
  These packages only work with Octave 3.1.55
* java
* jhandles
  Compilation fails.
* special-matrix
  Abandoned (merged into octave-miscellaneus)

* tcl-octave
  I have zero enthusiasm to work on this one.  I have no idea about Tcl.



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