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Re: [Pkg-octave-devel] Upload of new octave-forge packages

* Rafael Laboissiere <rafael@debian.org> [2009-05-16 10:00]:

> I started the boring work of updating the octave-forge packages to Git.
> For now, I am just pushing the mostly trivial changes to Git.  Most of
> the packages will need further QA work before upload.  I am progressing
> slowly, processing some packages each day or so.
> If someone wishes to help with this, please be sure to run git pull
> before. I roughly started from the beginning of the packages list in
> alphabetical order.  So a good idea for another contributor is to start
> from octave-zenity and go downwards in alphabetical order.

I forgot to mention this:  please, keep the TODO file updated and be sure to
clean up the todo list.  This file is no tracked in a separate Git
repository [1].

[1] http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-octave/octave-forge-pkgs.git

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