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Bug#467563: camlp5 strict mode?

   Concerning ulex0.8/matita, a perhaps saner alternative is to make matita
   work with latest ulex and get rid of ulex0.8. I guess this means porting
   it to camlp4... I've got no idea how much work is that, though.

I would leave this task to the matita authors. Is one of them
still on debian-ocaml-maint?

BTW, there is a 0.99 release on http://matita.cs.unibo.it/FILES/
(0.99 and the current svn still mention ulex08 in their configure

   > ledit, geneweb and coq build without problems with strict camlp5.

   Did you test with the latest version (6.04)? Thanks a lot for your great

No, I used the current camlp5 package (6.02.3-1), changed it to
strict mode, installed it in a pbuilder environment and built
those packages there.

What is the preferred way to (test-) build a set of packages that
depend on each other?

And how would one find out the complete set of packages that
depend on camlp5?



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