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Bug#661716: ocaml: adapt testsuite/tests/asmcomp/i386.S for hurd-i386

Le 29/02/2012 18:04, Pino Toscano a écrit :
> the asmcomp tests fail to link on hurd-i386, because the "call_gen_code"
> symbol is missing.
> The problem is that in testsuite/tests/asmcomp/i386.S the #define's that
> are enabled for hurd are wrong. Using the linux_elf ones (just also it
> is done in asmrun/i386.S) for hurd makes the 11 asmcomp tests compile
> and run successfully.
> (I guess also the same could be applied for kFreeBSD, but I did not
> test it.)

Great. Thanks a lot for looking at this!


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