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Re: Debian policy regarding debian/ upstream directory

David MENTRE <dmentre@linux-france.org> writes:

> Hello Stéphane,
> 2012/1/30 Stéphane Glondu <glondu@debian.org>:
>> Not exactly. What I meant is that in Debian, stuff might be changed in
>> debian/ independently of upstream. For example, to follow changes in
>> policy, package renaming, transitions, etc. The upstream "Debian
>> packaging" then becomes osbolete, and it seems wrong to me to make a new
>> upstream release just to keep up with Debian-specific changes.
> Well, it depends on ability of upstream to make minor releases. But I
> understand that could be an issue and that separated debian/ makes
> package management easier for Debian.
> Thank you for the clarifications,
> Best regards,
> david

Personally, as upstream author who uses Debian, I always build debian
packages for my software. Now with seperate repositories for upstream
and the debian dir this becomes a lot more work for me. For every
upstream change I do I also need to make a change in the debian
repository. I need to merge from upstream and possibly add a changelog
entry. Frankly that just adds to too much work for me. Putting it all in
one repository is so much simpler. And you can make minor releases to
fix just debian bugs.

Note: In as single repository layout the repository would be writable by
debian and in fact be on git.debian.org. So there would be no "upstream"
Debian packaging, just Debian packaging.


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