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Re: [Caml-list] [ANNOUNCE] otags reloaded 3.12.1 for OCaml 3.12.1

Le 31/01/2012 16:44, Hendrik Tews a écrit :
> I managed now to build the package from a git repository with
> git-buildpackage. Shall I push my changes back to your otags git
> repository or shall I wait a bit with that?

You can. Actually, it is easier (for me) to review from the git
repository. Please have a look at another repository (e.g. ocaml or
otags itself) first to grasp the expected layout.

> When I use compat level 8 I get 
> dh --with ocaml clean
> dh: Unknown sequence --with (options should not come before the sequence)
> immediately after git-buildpackage started. I therefore stay with
> level 7 and adjusted the debhelper dependency.

Did you have a look at debhelper(7) ? It explains the differences
between the various levels, and it is written there that you should
write "dh $@ --with ocaml" instead.

> override_dh_gencontrol:
> 	dh_gencontrol -- -VF:OCamlABI="$(OCAMLABI)"

Good. The -i was a mistake. I copy-pasted the snippet from somewhere
else and didn't pay attention to that :-)

> but where does OCAMLABI come from? I use now 

It comes from /usr/share/ocaml/ocamlvars.mk, which you should then
include in debian/rules.

> but this seems a bit too restrictive to me. Otags reads a
> marshaled value from camlp4, I would expect this to work across
> minor revisions, eg a marshaled value from camlp4 version 3.12.2
> can be read from otags compiled with 3.12.1.

Don't rely on the AST being the same between minor versions. There is no
ABI stability guarantee even between minor versions (and it has already
been broken in the past).

>    Why do you disable the tests? It's better to run as much of them as
>    possible... (unless DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS contains nocheck, but dh_auto_test
>    should take care of that).
> One of the tests uses the sexplib syntax extension. I would
> therefore need libsexplib-camlp4-dev as build dependency. Further
> with the current makefile the tests do only work when ocamlc.opt
> is available. Could we postpone the tests until version 3.12.3?



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