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Custom build and liquidsoap

	Hi all,

I just wanted to mention that the latest build of liquidsoap revealed that all 
its dependencies were now compiled in non-custom mode. Thus, liquidsoap is now 
compiled in non custom mode as well on the archs who do not have a native 

It turns out that the depencies on the stublibs are handled perfectly by 
dh_ocaml: great work guys !

Considering the number of depencies for liquidsoap, it seems that the goal of 
removing custom builds is on a good track..

On minor point, though: are you aware of other binaries in a similar 
situation? The patch to enable non-custom build was not trivial and, had I not 
been upstream as well, I wonder whether an upstream developper would want to 
work on it or a DD be able to create one alone...


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