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Bug#596622: Fwd: Re: [haXe] haXe source & ocaml library extlib


In gmane.linux.debian.devel.ocaml, you wrote:
> Le 14/09/2010 22:24, Jens Peter Secher a =E9crit :
>> Hi Nicolas,
>> Your ocaml library extlib seems to be distributed from both Google Code
>> [1] and from your Motion-Twin CVS repository, which gives me some
>> problems when packaging haXe 2.06 for Debian because the official
>> packaging of extlib tracks the Google Code version, not the Motion-Twin
>> one, see [2].  Do you plan to release the updated version of extlib on
>> Google Code, or should the extlib Debian package track the Motion-Twin
>> CVS instead?
> The current extlib status is a bit awkward : I was the main contributor=20
> and project initiator, then the project went unactive. And since it was=20
> hosted on SourceForge with many slowdowns and maintenance, I moved the=20
> repository on MT CVS. A few years after, the project was moved to Google=20
> Code by other people and might have evolved differently than my local=20
> repository.
> Merging both would surely be feasible but to be honest I don't have much=20
> time for it ATM.
> Maybe you can try to get in touch with extLib maintainers and find a way=20
> to get this done if they have interest in it.

Your best option right now, is to create a patch that adds the feature
you need (i.e. "the new output_strings functionality"). And submit it to
the BTS of the extlib project.


Sylvain Le Gall

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