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Bug#596622: libextlib-ocaml-dev: New upstream version

Le 12/09/2010 23:04, Jens Peter Secher a écrit :
> Hi, there is a new version of extlib:
>  cvs :pserver:anonymous@cvs.motion-twin.com:/cvsroot ocaml/extlib-dev

Well... this is not released, and this doesn't look like the "official"
repository of extlib... really, how did you come up with this location?

>  revision 1.3
>  date: 2010-02-23 09:31:24 +0100;  author: ncannasse;  state: Exp;  lines: +27 -0;  commitid: nQfY3juYleVxvrou;
>  added output_strings

The most recent commit at [1] dates back to June 2009.

Nicolas Cannasse is upstream of both extlib and haxe... could you please
ask him to update the repository [1] and make a proper release? And/or
advertise the new location of the project homepage, which I assume to be
at Google Code.

[1] http://code.google.com/p/ocaml-extlib/source/list

> I need this new version to compile the most recent version of
> package haxe, which depends on the new output_strings functionality.

It's unfortunate that haxe was released in these conditions...



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