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Bug#589359: Non-coordinated transition leading some packages to FTBFS


* Mehdi Dogguy [Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 01:48:39AM +0200]:
> According to [1], mpfr_random was removed in 3.0 and that's causing apron
> to FTBFS.
> [1]
> http://www.pubbs.net/201005/gcc/43610-gnu-mpfr-300-release-candidate.html
> It would have been so nice if mpfr maintainers tested correctly their
> r-deps, spot failures and file bugs against affected packages.

You're right. I should have made a more systematic testing, I merely
tested the r-depends I knew about (talked with Matthias Klose for gcc,
mpfi and mpclib I can take care of). I'll do better next time...

The only incompatible change with the previous version is the removal
of mpfr_random, a function that's labelled "deprecated" for about
seven years. So, let's try to fix what I broke in apron.

After removing the reference to `mpfr_random' in
mlgmpidl/gmp_random.idl then "make clean && make rebuild" apron fails
on "GMP_RND_MAX". The proper fix is not to rely on such an
undocumented feature, but to test against each possible rounding mode
in the assert.

I'll try to provide a patch monday for apron.



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