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Bug#577077: liquidsoap: SDL output do not play the audio

On 04/10/2010 06:40 PM, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Samuel Mimram]
This is not a bug since output.sdl is only intended to play video
(at least for now). If you also want to play audio, you should use
something like output.alsa(output.sdl(single(...))).
Oh.  I must admit that is very unexpected, and I would suggest to
review this behavior with the principle of least surprise in mind. :)

Well, it might be surprising at first, but the general philosphy of liquidsoap is that it should be modular: you might want to do some specific things on the audio stream or on the audio stream so functions handling audio and video are generally distinct. Moreover, liquidsoap is server-oriented and the sdl output was just meant to be a quick way to check what's going on...

Anyway, good to see a workaround.  Now if only the video quality issue
could be solved, I could start to do what I want to do with
liquidsoap, which is to create a SOAP driven TV playout for web
streaming. :)

Have you tried the svn version? We have done many improvements recently on video and I've checked that your video plays well with this version.



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