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Bug#574380: edos-distcheck: Wrong output for | alternative?

Package: edos-distcheck
Version: 1.4.2-8~bpo50+1


With the files at http://buildd.debian.org/~kroeckx/, doing:
edos-builddebcheck Packages-armel Sources-prelink

Gets me:
prelink (= 0.0.20090925-1): FAILED
  prelink (= 0.0.20090925-1) build-depends on missing:
  - libc6.1-dev (> 2.3.5)

prelink has a Build-Depends on libc6-dev (>> 2.3.5) | libc6.1-dev (>> 2.3.5)

And libc6-dev seems to be installable, and is higher than
libc6-dev.  On the other hand libc6.1-dev does not exist
for that arch.


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