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Re: How to verify coherency of Coq and OCaml packages?

David MENTRE a écrit :
> I just realized that the coq-doc package is stuck to 8.0pl1.0-1 since
> Dapper on Ubuntu (and is thus cannot be installed in parallel with coq
> :-( ):
>   http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=coq
> Is there a script somewhere that would help me to find such issues for
> Coq and OCaml, like Stephane Glondu's ocaml_transition program?

Not that I know of. I've updated recently coq-doc in unstable. It should
flow naturally to lucid once it hits testing.

TTBOMK, for the moment, coq cohenrency is limited to coq, coq-doc,
coq-float, ssreflect. Why and frama-c also depend on coq, but the
dependency might be not so strong (Mehdi is more knowledgeable about
this than me...)



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