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Transition to OCaml 3.11.1 in Ubuntu Karmic Koala completed!


I am very pleased to announce that transition to OCaml 3.11.1 in
Ubuntu Karmic is now completed!

Many thanks to (in order of appearance):

 * Ubuntu side:
   James Wetsby
   Andrea Gasparini
   Michael Bienia
   Steve Kowalik
   Jonathan Riddell
   Stefan Lesicnik

 * Debian side:
    Stefano Zacchiroli
    Stéphane Glondu
    Mehdi Dogguy
    Sylvain Le Gall

And of course all the Debian and Ubuntu developers that work so hard
on OCaml support and have helped me doing this transition!

Currently, most of OCaml packages is Debian unstable are available in Karmic:

[ I have requested a synchronization for "react" and "pgocaml". ]

Sincerely yours,

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