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Bug#536104: why: binNMU-unsafe relationships between arch-any and -all packages

On  0, "Aaron M. Ucko" <ucko@debian.org> wrote:
> However, that variable is only appropriate for relationships between
> architecture-dependent packages; because why-examples and why-coq are
> both architecture-independent, binary-only rebuilds (as recently
> occurred for the ocaml 3.11.1 transition) render them unsatisfiable.
Right. Actually, why should not have been binNMUed because of the
versioned-dependency on Coq which is needed to detect broken packages.
I should have uploaded a new why package as soon as its «Coq»
dependencies were available.

> For why-examples -> why, you could change the dependency to something
> like why (>= ${source:Version}), why (<< ${source:Version}.1) to allow
> for rebuilds but not more substantial changes.
Examples do not change that much and are/should be (I think)
compatible with previous versions of why. So, dropping the versioned
dependency seems harmless.

> Any-to-all relationships are easier to handle, so why could simply
> change its suggestion to libwhy-coq (= ${source:Version}).  However,
> given that libwhy-coq, even if technically architecture-independent,
> is relatively small and itself in need of rebuilds for various
> transitions, it might actually make some sense to keep the
> relationship as is and set libwhy-coq's architecture to any.  (For
> instance, it's uninstallable at present due to a dependency on
> coq-8.2-1+3.11.0.)
Coq libraries should be re-built against latest Coq version every time
Coq gets uploaded. As long as their number is small, it seems easy to
do sourceful uploads. For the moment, there are only two Coq libraries
(I'm aware of) which are: libwhy-coq and libfloat-coq.

Ideally, we would ask for binNMUs of arch:all packages… I hope this
will be possible in a near future.

I'll upload a fixed package soon: I already dropped the
versioned-dependency between why-examples and why in 2.18.dfsg-3. The
next upload will fix the problem for libwhy-coq by re-building it
against latest Coq.

Thanks for the bugreport.


Mehdi Dogguy مهدي الدڤي

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