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Bug#532970: jocaml and "use topfind"

Stéphane Glondu a écrit :
> No, the bug shown by Guillaume is really a jocaml one:

I don't think so. Explanations follow.

> ---8<-------------------------------------------------------------------
> steph@korell:/$ jocaml
>         JoCaml version 3.11.0
> # Toploop.execute_phrase;;
> Characters -1--1:
>   Toploop.execute_phrase;;
> Error: The files /usr/bin/jocaml and /usr/lib/ocaml/3.11.0/toploop.cmi
>        make inconsistent assumptions over interface Outcometree
> ---8<-------------------------------------------------------------------
> This means that it is impossible to use the toplevel library with
> jocaml. This is independant of findlib. And by the way:

This another bug. The point of Guillaume is that "#use "topfind"" is not
working not that the toplevel library doesn't work. I admit that the two
problems are related but somehow completely different.

So please file a new bugreport which will affect this one (#532970).


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