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Re: Adaptation of ocaml_transition_monitor to Ubuntu

Samuel Mimram a écrit :
> Do we need a real transition for 3.11.1 (i.e. isn't this version binary
> compatible with 3.11.0) ?

Of course, we do. All released versions of OCaml are mutually binary
incompatible (at least officially). And IMHO, it's good practice (even
though it looks like it sucks).


> $ git diff upstream/3.11.0..upstream/3.11.1.rc1 -- utils/config.mlp
> [...]
> -and cmo_magic_number = "Caml1999O006"
> -and cma_magic_number = "Caml1999A007"
> +and cmo_magic_number = "Caml1999O007"
> +and cma_magic_number = "Caml1999A008"

But many other things can provoke binary incompatibilites...



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