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Bug#526442: Can't use thread at all with perl4caml

This new program, also ending with a segfault, shows that the problem is not related to the use of the same instance of the mech object.

-------------------- main.ml --------------------
let mech = Pl_WWW_Mechanize.new_ ()
let m = Mutex.create ()

let evil_thread () =
  Mutex.lock m;
  let _ = Pl_HTML_TreeBuilder.new_from_content "<html></html>" in
  Mutex.unlock m

let _ =
  Mutex.lock m;
  mech#agent_alias "Linux Mozilla";
  mech#get "http://www.gnu.org";;
  Mutex.unlock m;
  let _ = Thread.create evil_thread () in
  Mutex.lock m;
  print_string mech#content;
  Mutex.unlock m

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