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Re: patches/00list

> > Are patches not listed in patches/00list not applied ?
> Even though it might be obvious, debian/patches/00list is specific of
> the dpatch patch management system. *If* you are using that, then yes,
> that file is authoritative on what is applied and on the order of
> application. Please read the dpatch documentation.

The packaging documentation points to the dpatch man which doesn't provide 
these detailed informations.

(I have read (the French version) of "Debian New Maintainers' Guide"
 it does not provide these informations related to omited patch listed in
 00list, neither if the order in 00list is meaningfull or not.)

If there is a detailed doc specific for dpatch I was not able to find it both 
through google [dpatch documentation site:.debian.org] (until the tenth page) 
and I don't find either dpatch specific docs through the search field on 
debian.org's index)

(well, this is just to say that I did have searched before to ask)

>              Please read the dpatch documentation.
Please give me the link! :p :-)

> > Also do I have to care about the order of the list to apply the
> > patches in the same order ?
> In general patch order is relevant, as changing the order might induce
> patch conflicts or generally context problems which inhibit patch
> application. I believe that in most of our (d-o-m) cases the patch
> order is mostly irrelevant though.

OK, thanks a lot for all the informations.
(and thanks for other's replies too of course;)

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