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Re: Upload to experimental against 3.11

Le Friday 28 November 2008 14:38:32 Stéphane Glondu, vous avez écrit :
> Romain Beauxis a écrit :
> > Sorry if I ask a dummy question, but I would like to be sure:
> > Is it fine to update and upload some of our packages to build against
> > 3.11 in experimental ?
> I think you have to make an explicit dependency to ocaml (>= 3.11) to
> make the buildd daemons use the version in experimental. Besides that,
> yes. Of course, you have to make sure all build-dependencies are
> available (and compiled with 3.11).

Yes. It is even safer to version any ocaml-related build-dep.

You also have to add a build-dep to dh-ocaml for any package using cdbs for 

I'll try to update some packages this we.


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