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Re: Intent to Backport of cryptokit

Le Wednesday 09 July 2008 14:46:25 Christoph Martin, vous avez écrit :
> Hi,

	Hi !

> For your information: I intent to make a backport of cryptokit for
> etch-backports to support a backport of sks.

Backporting ocaml related package can be a real pain when it comes to buildds' 
resolution of the build-dependencies.

I advise you to version each ocaml dependency that you would need.
Also, you should decide wether you want to use ocaml from etch-backports or 
ocaml from etch. In case you want/need to compile against the latest 
backported ocaml package, you should also backport all modules from etch that 
have not been backported against this version. At least, I can see 
libcryptokit-ocaml-dev in this case.

Also, if you backport a module that depends on another module that is in both 
backports and stable, you should version the dependency or the module from 
etch will be pulled, leading to a build-dep resolution failure.

By the way, I would propose that we don't backport ocaml unless there is a 
major reason for doing it. This would really ease all other backports, and 
release the need to backport *all* stable ocaml modules against the 
backported ocaml.

What does the team think of this ?


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