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Bug#484674: mldonkey: Packaging too complex


> Why does mldonkey-server need an init script?  Yes, it's a daemon,
> but that is merely an implementation detail.  When it comes down to
> it, mldonkey is a *p2p client*.  It should be run by normal users
> when they want to connect to a p2p network.

YVMV, but MLDonkey is also designed to work as a P2P service,
some people even use it on dedicated download servers, this is
especially true since MLDonkey contains build-in multiuser functionality.

> Why the special make invocations?  The configure script suggests
> running `make', but debian/rules runs `make utils opt' or some such
> nonsense.  It fails when I try to build the version from intrepid on
> my hardy box (after backporting and installing the dependencies),
> even though just plain `make' runs perfectly.

You may have hit an upstream bug, please post the error messages
you are seeing with running "make utils opt".

I just tested "./configure && make utils opt" and it compiled w/o errors.

Greetings, spiralvoice

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