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ledit_2.00-4_i386.changes is NEW

  to pool/main/l/ledit/ledit_2.00-4.diff.gz
  to pool/main/l/ledit/ledit_2.00-4.dsc
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(new) libledit-ocaml-dev_2.00-4_i386.deb optional libdevel
OCaml line editor library
 Ledit is a line editor, allowing to use control commands like in emacs
 or in shells (bash, tcsh). To be used with interactive commands. It is
 written in OCaml and Camlp4 and uses the library unix.cma.
 This package ships Ledit as a development library, so that you can use
 it to build interactive programs with line editing capabilities.
Changes: ledit (2.00-4) unstable; urgency=low
  * split a new libledit-ocaml-dev binary package, shipping Ledit as a
    library to build interactive programs with line editing capabilities
  * debian/control: move ocaml build-deps from build-dep-indep to
    build-dep since now we ship an arch:any package
  * bump debhelper compatibility level to 7

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