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Bug#483792: Subject: Using make -j causes the package to FTBFS

On Mon, Jun  2, 2008 at 14:17:14 +0200, Mehdi Dogguy wrote:

> Are you sure that the encountred bug is related to freetennis ?
> 1) In your mail, you say that "Freerunner FTBFS".
> 2) Freetennis has only one source file which is freetennis.ml. So, there  
> is only *one* job to be executed by make. It appears then very difficult  
> to fail with one job.
> 3) There is no "-j" in the shipped Makefile !
> So, could you please provide more informations about this failure ? (The  
> versions of freetennis and ocaml you are running may be useful). On  
> which arch did you tried to build freetennis ?
There's at least a bug in debian/rules.  build-stamp should depend on
patch.  Otherwise both can run in parallel, and you lose.


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