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Re: ia64/unstable: FTBFS: needs ocamlopt

On Saturday 31 May 2008, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:


> > I like that plan. Could you please add ara's debian/ to ocaml-maint repo,
> > then I will remove debian/ from its "upstream" repo ?
> I think it should start the other way around: just start doing an
> "upstream" release or ara without any debian/ directory (of course with
> a bumped upstream version). Then we can package it using the d-o-m repo.
> What about it?

I'm currently not very motivated to do any sort of debian development, but not 
to leave that unanswered I will do that at some point when I have anything 
useful to add or fix and inform you. If I decide to orphan ara is there any 
interested parties from d-o-m who might take it over as upstream ? 

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