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Re: Incomplete upload found in Debian upload queue

Le Wednesday 02 April 2008 10:18:44 Archive Administrator, vous avez écrit :
> Probably you are the uploader of the following file(s) in
> the Debian upload queue directory:
>   extlib_1.5.1-1~bpo40+1.dsc
> This looks like an upload, but a .changes file is missing, so the job
> cannot be processed.
> If no .changes file arrives within 23:27:38, the files will be deleted.

This is me, I mistakedly started an upload to unstable instead of bpo..

By the way, I'm uploading some ocaml modules to backports.org, if you're 

In particular, some binary uploads from i386 could be nice, I fail to setup an 
i386 cowbuilder on my amd64 system..

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