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Re: [Caml-list] Python and Caml

[ Adding Art in Cc to this email, if any, it will increase our chances
of getting in touch with him ]

On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 01:48:05PM +0000, Thomas Fischbacher wrote:
> Follow-up on this: we once again tried to contact Art Yerkes via his
> sourceforge email address, without any success. Do you still have any
> contact to the upstream maintainer?

Hi Thomas, thanks for the follow-up.

Debian site we have the address of the upstream author in our
debian/copyright for the pycaml package, but is the sourceforge one you
already know. I don't know whether Samuel Mimram (Cc-ed) as well, who
took care of the latest upload of the pycaml package in Debian, has any
other contact with Art.

> If not, we (= the nmag team, but actually, mostly I) would be willing
> to take up maintenance of the upstream code.

If you attempts to contact him still fail (as it seem) I see this at the
only natural evolution. Just put up a new homepage for pycaml, with a
brief mention of the fact that, being unable to getting in touch with
previous maintainer, and having performed several bugfix/improvements,
you have taken over the maintenance of pycaml.

... then, just let us know when you have read your new release and we
will package it in Debian :-)


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