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Re: replacing Source-Version substvar

On Thursday 02 August 2007, Eric Cooper wrote:
> I want to get rid of lintian's "substvar-source-version-is-deprecated"
> warning in my packages, which currently have this:
>   Package: libsyslog-ocaml-dev
>   Depends: ocaml-nox-${F:OCamlABI}, libsyslog-ocaml (= ${Source-Version})
>   ...
> Should this now be ${source:Version} or ${binary:Version} -- and why?

The simple rule is: 

if libsyslog-ocaml is a `Architecture: any' package use ${binary:Version} 
if libsyslog-ocaml is a `Architecture: all' package use ${source:Version}

The above example is not correct since, there is no libsyslog-ocaml binary 
package, but you will get the idea. If you are talking about syslog-ocaml 
source package, just remove that  libsyslog-ocaml (= ${Source-Version}) in 
the above Depends line and you will be fine, since you don't have both 
arch:all and arch:any parts.

P.S. Here is what happend when a binNMU is made for certain architectures and 
your package is not binNMU-safe:


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