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About CDuce and OCamlduce


I found some recent discussions in this mailing list (which I'm not
subscribed to, so please Cc: me if you want to reply to this e-mail)
about CDuce and OCamlduce. Some clarifying points:

- cduce needs the ocaml sources, ocaml-compiler-libs is not enough; the
reason is that cduce will -pack OCaml compiler modules, which requires
some special compilation command-line (-for-pack) for native code.

- ocamlduce is a stand-alone package, which requires only a working
OCaml installation. It is distributed as a modified version of OCaml,
*not* as a patch. ocamlduce hasn't been ported to 3.10, though.

- I've clarified the licensing issues about ocamlduce: the license is
the same as for OCaml (QPL/LGPL + exceptions). Cf:


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