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Re: Bug#415194: libextlib-ocaml-dev: No debugging information

[ Ob: debian-ocaml-maint, look at the end of this mail ]

tags 415194 + wontfix

On Fri, Mar 16, 2007 at 06:55:27PM -0400, Ivan Jager wrote:
> The bytecode files are currently compiled without debugging support.
> This makes it hard to debug other code that might be called by it. Eg, a
> function passed to List.iter.

In the Debian folklore of libraries (at large, not OCaml-specific)
that's a feature, not a bug. Indeed usually libraries do not contain
debugging symbols and where is deemed appropriate an extra -dbg library
package is built containing debugging information.

> Since the standard libraries are compiled with debugging support it
> seems like it would make sense to do the same for others. Yes, it might
> be slightly slower, but anyone who cares about speed will probably be
> compiling native code anyways.

In the specific case of OCaml libraries I think we never discussed the
issue and therefore I think the standard libraries just happen to be
compiled that way (probably because they are compiled that way upstream)
without any particular reason.

So, at the moment I'm tagging this bug report as wontfix, but diverting
the more general question of "should we mandate inclusion of debugging
symbols in OCaml bytecode libraries"? to the debian-ocaml-maint mailing
list. On one hand we should be consistent with the general library
philosophy of not including debugging symbols in packages other than
-dbg. On the other it is true that a user willing to have performances
will use native code libraries, but is still true that native code
libraries are not available everywhere ...

Lenny-discussion time guys :)
Thanks for your bug report.

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