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Bug#413090: mldonkey-server (2.8.1-2etch1): fails to configure (on upgrade)


Sylvain Le Gall wrote:
> On 02-03-2007, Torabi <webmaster@torabi.de> wrote:
>> Since the mldonkey-server did not work I removed it ... my downloads.ini
>> (from /var/lib/mldonkey) was a 0 Byte file so I deleted it. But the Problem remains.
>> Samuel Mimram wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Could you please send me a copy of your downloads.ini file? The default
>>> directory for this file is /var/lib/mldonkey.
> Looking at output, i think the problem is lying in the option which the
> script pipe to the script... I.e. the error could be bad user input
> value (like no upload/download rate...)
> But i am not sure of this ;-)

Sylvain must be right. Could you make sure that you have entered decent
values (i.e. in particular non-empty) when answering the debconf
questions? What are the values of the entries related to mldonkey in



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