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Accepted advi 1.6.0-12 (source i386 all) Accepted ocaml 3.09.2-8 (source i386 all) Accepted ocaml 3.09.2-9 (source i386 all) advi_1.6.0-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED BE OUR REPRESENTATIVE [bts-link] source package ocaml Bug#270925: marked as done (ocaml-base-nox: creates directories in /usr/local with wrong permissions) Bug#355448: marked as done (ocaml-base-nox: leaves dirs in /usr/local after purge) Bug#397245: marked as done (ocaml-nox: ocamlbrowser needs Tk ...) Bug#397497: reopening 397497, severity of 397497 is important Bug#401170: mldonkey-server: Fails to configure. Bug#401273: mldonkey-server: error on post-install on upgrade Bug#402064: Minor man page problems in hevea(1) Bug#402065: hevea: Missing consequence of -francais: 3 promised, 2 given Bug#402093: mldonkey-server: Option "users2" in users.ini triggers an fatal error Bug#402440: marked as done (mldonkey-server: New upstream version 2.8.2 available) Bug#402440: mldonkey-server: New upstream version 2.8.2 available Bug#403848: marked as done (ocaml: segfault on (unavoidably) closing a channel twice) Bug#403848: ocaml: segfault on (unavoidably) closing a channel twice Bug#404393: libcamlimages-ocaml-dev: Fails to load images. Bug#404393: Solution found Bug#404395: libcamlimages-ocaml-dev: Fails to load images. Bug#404395: This bug is a duplicate. Bug#404412: libcamlimages-ocaml-dev: Bad META file && missing OImage module Bug#404474: hevea fails on cyrillic Bug#405000: liblablgl-ocaml: Segfault when using Glut.createMenu. Did you notice? Just added get ready to have fun ocaml_3.09.2-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED ocaml_3.09.2-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED ocaml-mad 0.2.1-1 MIGRATED to testing ocaml-shout 0.2.2-1 MIGRATED to testing ocaml-vorbis 0.2.3-2 MIGRATED to testing RE: Powell Insider Information Pretty TRANNMY Sxucking Deick & Fgucking Avnal Processed: [bts-link] source package ocaml Processed: bug 403848 is forwarded to Processed: fond Processed: forcibly merging 270925 355448 Processed: forcibly merging 401273 397497 402093 Processed: found 397497 in 2.8.2-1 Processed: merging 404393 404395 Processed: notfound 397497 in 2.8.1-1 Processed: severity of 401273 is serious Processed: tagging 400535 Processed (with 1 errors): Re: reopening 397497, severity of 397497 is important Processing of advi_1.6.0-12_i386.changes Processing of ocaml_3.09.2-8_i386.changes Processing of ocaml_3.09.2-9_i386.changes prom philosophize Ragazze giovani ubriache oPrnovideo. SanpaoloI-ntesa/ Tutto bene per azionisti e obbligazionisti, nulla cambia per i clienti Still uploader of some packages Sweet Toeen Small Tkits Rpiding On Her Fvirst GIGANTNCOCK Ubuntu ocurl 0.2.1-7build1 The last update was on 12:23 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 66 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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