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Bug#383187: Please update package to current CVS code

Package: mldonkey-server
Version: 2.7.7-6

Please release a new package version with this patch included:

This patch solves Debian bugs 254000 and 344905
The file above is a diff between vanilla release-2-7-7 and current CVS as of 2006/08/15,
including these latest patches:

5308: CryptoPP: Fix infinite loop when re-creating private key fails
5307: CryptoPP: Deactivate compiler option -momit-leaf-frame-pointer

I am asking for this release because I would like to see this patch in testing before 2.8.0 is released. MLDonkey 2.8.0 will be released some time after Gentoo makes 2.7.7 stable which is currently not the case. The goal of 2.8.0 is to solve as many bugs as possible without moving in too many new
features, therefore testing current CVS code in Debian would be very nice.

Right after 2.8.0 comes out the codebase will be a bit unstable for some time because I will then
commit the already coded multiuser patch into CVS.
Its therefore very important to find as many bugs as possible before this date.

Greetings, spiralvoice

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