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Re: ocaml-sha1 library


Eric Cooper wrote:
> I fixed a FTBFS bug for ocaml-sha1 on architectures without ocamlopt.
> (I also filed a bug against ocaml-tools, because OCamlMakefile's
> libinstall target assumes there is always native-code compilation.)
> Please upload it when you get a chance.  Thanks.

I've just uploaded it. I took the liberty to correct two small things.

- We agreed that the control.in file was a bad idea so I've removed it
(and the update-abi target of the rules). There is no need to update the
build-dependency on ocaml (unless the sources uses new features of
ocaml). Dependency problems will be detected by the dependencies on

- It's better to describe a change in the changelog and close the BTS
bug in the same item to make clear which change corrects which bug.

I hope these modifications are ok for you.



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