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Bug#341615: mlnet.pid should be in a boot-time cleaned directory


I do not know if the Debian package already supports the -pid parameter
when starting MLDonkey.

Dominique Dumont wrote:
Placing mlnet.pid in /var/run will not be enough to get
mldeonkey-server cleanly started after a hard reset.

To restart mldeonkey-server after a reset, I have to:
- rm /var/lib/mldonkey/config_files_space.tmp
- rm /var/lib/mldonkey/mlnet.pid

MLDonkey core checks if the pid in mlnet.pid is already in use, if not,
mlnet.pid is deleted on MLDonkey does not refuse to start.

The same is valid for config_files_space.tmp since mldonkey-server-2.7.7-3
  * Added 03_lock_config_files_space.dpatch in order to handle leftover
    config_files_space.tmp files, closes: #359237.

If the Debian package uses -pid parameter already this bug report can be closed.

Greetings, spiralvoice

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