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Re: ocamlfind problem

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 10:34 +0100, Sven Luther wrote:

> You should read the ocaml packaging policy (/usr/share/doc/ocaml_packaging.txt
> or something such, don't remember out of my head), and more to the point, the
> part where it mentions you have to not assume that the native code compiler
> (ocamlopt) is present, but check for its existence before building the native
> code compiler.

Thanks for the pointer.

> I don't know about mtasc, but chances are good you can take either of ledit
> (only bytecode), spamoracle (bytecode and nativecode) or advi (bytecode or
> nativecode) as examples.

Unfortunately mtasc doesn't have a configure/build/install system like
those (other than install.ml, which downloads source from CVS and
compiles both bytecode and native versions - there are no source tarball
releases). So, basically I created the build system from scratch by
copying the commands install.ml ran for the native version into
debian/rules build.

Looks like I want to build-depend on ocaml and ocaml-best-compilers, and
then test for the existence of ocamlopt.opt, ocamlopt or ocamlc,
choosing the most appropriate one.



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